Why Has This Blog Come to Be?

Having explained the name of my blog in my first post, I will now explain its purpose. I am doing this for you and me both. For you, I want to explain what type of content you can expect when you read this blog. For me, I am writing it down for my own good, so that I will have a written statement to follow. I think that will help keep me on track.

So, what is this blog all about? I wrote a nutshell version of its focus at the top of this page: “stories, writing, and life.” That sums things up quickly, but it’s short on details, so I will elaborate a tad.

My favorite kind of writing is making up stories, so I will be posting lots of short stories. Sometimes I’ll post a story in its entirety, and other times I will write a serial story over the course of multiple posts. As far as genres, I will try all types, because I think it’s a good way to develop writing skill, plus it’s just fun!

I will also write about the art of writing, and what I know of it from my own experience. Some example topics might be motivation, inspiration, character development, or use of humor.

The third category of “life” is kind of my catch-all category. I don’t want to box myself in too much, so I figure that the “life” category gives me an excuse to write about random things from time to time.

I have now covered the purpose as it relates to what sort of stuff I will write. But that still leaves the question, to put it dramatically, “Why has ‘blargsblog’ come to be birthed from the womb of WordPress?”

Simply put, I am trying to build an online writing platform of sorts. My goal is to be able to write for a living. I have a children’s book that is all ready to go, but getting noticed by publishers these days is quite difficult, as I’ve found out firsthand. This blog is a key component of the writing platform I am constructing. Through “blargsblog,” I hope to gain some exposure for my writing, as well as find other writers who are in the same boat as me.

Now that I have laid a bit of a foundation for this blog, it’s time to get to the fun part! Stay tuned for my first real blog post, coming your way shortly (just as soon as I figure out what it will be).

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten the part about analyzing cat videos 🙂

All the best,

One thought on “Why Has This Blog Come to Be?

  1. Bravissimo!! Very well put my lad. I have always loved your ability to cross over the lines of different genres, styles of writing, etc.!!

    I look forward to reading your stories, short and long. I especially look forward to the posts on seemingly random topics, as I view this as one of your trademarks.

    And I do hope you will find other authors to connect with and that your exposure on here will lead u to the right publisher.

    Last but not least, as the “crazy old cat lady” (literally, in my case) of our extended family, I can’t wait for your analysis of cat videos. 😜

    I got nothin’ but love for you bro!! (Yes, as gay as it sounds, I enjoy taking “thug” once in awhile.)


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